Learn a little more about high-waisted women's jeans

Conoce un poco más acerca de los jeans de dama tiro alto

They are the perfect garment that you need in your wardrobe to stylize your silhouette, highlight your curves and visually lengthen your legs. This jean was created in the 60's and today is the favorite of women for the comfort it provides. These women's pants are also versatile since they can be combined with different types of blouses such as long sleeves, balloons, crop tops, t-shirts, among others.

As well as with various types of shoes such as tennis shoes, ankle boots, heels or sandals. Here the important thing is to determine the occasion and the moment to put together your outfit, according to your body type. Choose high-waisted women's jeans that are made of stretch fabric or a cotton blend, as they will provide you with slack and comfort in your day-to-day life. An essential tip is to wear the shirt inside the jean, to create an hourglass effect on your body. Let's see some high-waisted jeans silhouettes -Skinny high-waisted: do you want to stylize your legs? This dark tone jean is perfect to achieve it, as well as being a must in your wardrobe. Undoubtedly, these ladies pants bring a chic and casual style to your outfits. Combine them with a fitted blouse, blazer and ankle boots. Also, spice up the look by choosing colorful accessories that make you stand out. -Mom fit high waist: this classic jean was a boom at the time of the 90's. What makes it top? The versatility it provides when combining garments and footwear. In which body does it stand out perfectly? In the one with the morphology of an inverted triangle, since they are a bit wide and add volume at the bottom. How could you wear this high-waisted lady's jean? With basic monochrome colored blouses, black sweaters and tennis shoes.

Do not forget to use a trendy bag that gives you a lot of style. -Wide leg: this jean was a classic in the 70's. How to combine them? With a body and a coat, accessories and boots. Now you are ready to shine! This is the time to renew your wardrobe, do you already know the high-waisted women's jeans that we have at Style H Jeans? Our new collection is very trendy and we know you're going to love it. Order your favourite!