How to wear baggy jeans and make them fit your body?

¿Cómo usar jeans baggy y hacer que se adapten a tu cuerpo?

This silhouette is characterized by a design that has a wide leg, baggy style, which has a high waist, but low waist, adjusted by means of a ribbon or belt. The baggy is a jean for women that stands out for those who want to give an optical illusion of lengthening their legs or to create curves for those with a straight body.

At Style H Jeans we design tailored baggys that fit your body and prevent them from looking larger than normal, so these women's pants are perfectly proportioned so that you stand out wherever you go.

Hence, we have created these recommendations so that you avoid falling into mistakes when using them and you can enjoy this new style:

Always choose your size, not one more

The style can be loose, but choosing the one that fits the key areas of your figure is essential. Don't forget to make sure the baggy jean sits well on your hips and doesn't drag your hem. Choose the one that makes you show off your essence!

Don't forget the rule of proportion

Which? If we choose a very loose garment, we must ensure that the counterpart is a little tighter, to create a balance. Although, we know that this new style brings with it oversize garments, so we recommend you play with layers and use them with accessories that make you stand out, such as a belt.

PS: At Style H Jeans we suggest you use a crop top with a high-waisted baggy jean and as a final touch add a belt to create a very top look.

Don't be afraid to wear a high waist, you will feel beautiful!

This silhouette flatters us all and is the best option when choosing baggy jeans.
Shall we tell you his secret?
They have a visual effect that flattens your belly and helps you lengthen your legs, making you look taller. When opting for these jeans, the focus is on your waist.

Shall we tell you one last trick? Fold your boot

Fold the bottom of the jean depending on its length, showing your ankles at the same level as them or just a little above them. With this silhouette you will show that you wear these women's trousers in a versatile way and that there will be much more to see.

Now that you know how to wear your baggy jean, what are you waiting for to get yours at Style H Jeans? We have a variety of styles that fit your body type.

It's time to enjoy fashion with us!